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How to Join

Membership Fee:
The annual membership fee of $100 per year is payable by mail by sending a check. Current members may renew their memberships for an annual fee of $80. Mail-in payments must be made by check.

Annual membership covers a full 12 months, not a calendar year. Application and payment is possible at all the scheduled meetings. Renewing by credit card is available on-line.

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The easiest way to join is to click "Register" at the bottom of the menu section, enter a user name and password, then follow the instructions.  Be sure to click "Confirm Registration" to complete the process.  You will need to mail in your membership fee along with the application .pdf application and a copy of your resume or handbill. A confirmation email will be sent to you after payment and online registration are approved. 

You may also join at the ENG monthly meeting.  To expedite registration, complete the application form
. The (.pdf) form should be printed, filled out and brought to your first meeting along with your resume or handbill and a check for the membership fee.  You will still need to register online in order to have access to the web site.

Meeting Fees: Full members pay $5 per meeting for all day attendance.
Non-member “guests” may attend the afternoon meetings for a $20 fee.
Meeting fees are payable in cash or by check only.

First Time Attendee?
Bring 50 resumes/handbills to your first meetings.